I like this picture of Kevin Devine because he looks tough in it.  He is.  I don’t know if people who only know his music which can, at times, be dark and introspective would guess that.  Kevin writes smart songs and is a gifted lyricist but he has a certain drive that I think only New Yorkers have.  When you come from a place where you have to work so hard just to keep your head above water it hardens you.

I’ve known Kevin for over a dozen years but didn’t really “know” him until we toured together in 2008.  We drove from Texas to Florida and all up the east coast together.  We went camping, he wrecked my van.  It was a good time.

It’s rare to succeed in the music world.  It’s goddamn miraculous to have been chewed up by the major label system only to find true success as an independent artist.  Kevin’s a member of that elite club and the story of how he did it is fascinating to me.  I hope you like it as well.



Just a little bit of other news.  I shaved the damn beard off.  Couldn’t take Novembeard.  I don’t know how you guys do it.  It itched like mad.  Lasorda is off and running, the LP comes out 12/11/12 on Clifton Motel records.  We’re having a contest to win the test pressing but I don’t have the details yet.  We should have pre-order bundles in the merch store soon as well as NTWHA coffee mugs so keep an eye out for those.  The New Amsterdam’s “Outroduction” is slated for a 03/05/13 release date on my label Nightshoes Syndicate.  Still working on The Terrible Twos record but I’ve been kinda sidetracked by this tour that we are announcing next week.  Look for that Monday or Tuesday.  We got ten chickens and two ducklings from Revolution Mama Ranch that are living in the dining room until I can fix the coop.  They do not smell good.  They are cute though.  Have a good week.

– pryor