Episode 002: Sean Ingram

Sean Ingram sounds scary but he’s not.  He is, however, a very busy man.  Sean is the singer and lyricist for Coalesce and the owner of Blue Collar Press, Blue Collar Distro and Fixcraft.  He has a wife and kids and, like myself, tries to figure out how to juggle it all.

I’ve known Sean for going on 20 years.  I interviewed him once in high school for my ‘zine.  So, that should tell you something.  I don’t listen to a lot of heavy music and I didn’t fully get Coalesce until James Dewees explained the math to me.  Then it clicked.  I think what I’m more impressed with though is that Sean’s always been unafraid to put himself out there.  He writes things that are controversial but smart and he uncompromisingly owns his opinions and beliefs.

You Can’t Kill Us All

Sean is also a determined person.  The fact that his company is called Blue Collar is not accidental.  He’s built a business that has a company-wide ethic of hard work and high quality.  It’s impressive also that he was able to find a place in a music scene that he loved and turn it into a living.

Immigrant Song

I even got to sing with him once.



In other news…

The Lasorda record is coming out 12/11/12 on Clifton Motel Records.  We’re gearing up for a contest to win the test pressing of the record so keep your eyes peeled for that.  Also going to be doing pre-order bundles for both Lasorda and The New Amsterdams’ compilation “Outroduction” in time for the holidays.  There is talk of TGUK going to South America next year which is something we’ve never gotten to do so hopefully that will pan out.  In December we’re going to launch a new podcast called “Can You Hear Me?  Beer Me!”  Where my touring companion and beer expert, Darren Fox, and I discuss the fantastic local brews we’ve experienced in our travels in these United States.  Also, working on The Terrible Twos third album starting Monday … so don’t bother me, I’m stressing over music for children.  ha.

Finally, please consider donating some money to the Red Cross to help the east coast recover from Hurricane Sandy.   If you’re in the area go to this benefit.  Say howdy to KD and Bonz for me while you’re there.